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Fecal Face  –  Art Page
Michael Sieben  –  Art Page

DJ Shadow  –  Turntablism
Solesides  –  Here is the Funk from Quannum
DJ Z'Trip  –  Turntablism   –   Huge amount of free music!
Cut Chemist  –  Turntablism
DJ Premier  –  Hip Hop
Greyboy   –   Hip Hop, Beats with Funk and Acid Jazz rare grooves
Jurrasic 5  –  Hip Hop
Blackalicious  –  Hip Hop
Radio One  –  Enjoy live DJ's
James Brown   –   He will live on forever through his music
Shootyz Groove

Thrasher Magazine
Juxtapoz Magazine

Chess endames   –   Play chess with God
60x1.com  –   Because Whashington is Hollywood for ugly People

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