Tamil in Plan 9


This page is about enabling Tamil support in Plan 9 using TUNE, a new 16 bit encoding scheme. Unlike Unicode, which requires complex glyph subsititution and glyph positioning information to render Tamil, TUNE maps each character to a single glyph. This property of TUNE makes it straight forward to enable Tamil support.


Madhavi from here, converted using ttf2subf.

Input Method

in progress.

Character Set Conversion

Tcs(1) performs TUNE ↔ Unicode conversions.

tcs -f tune
Convert TUNE into Unicode.
tcs -t tune
Convert Unicode into TUNE.


TUNE: home, introduction, code chart, fonts, sample text, mailing list (members only), criticism
Unicode: code chart, chapter 9: South Asian Scripts, sample text, FAQ, why not Unicode?


Arvindh Rajesh Tamilmani