Plan 9

If you don't know how did you arrive here, take the opportunity to learn about this system:

Plan 9 Foundation



The system used here is the 4th edition with the Raspberry Pi 4 kernel from Richard Miller and almost all the patches included in the 9legacy iso applied.

This is the list of the 9legacy patches used (non commented lines):

9legacy list

These are patches of some of the changes I've made other people could be interested in:


In patches/list you can read a short description with the patches listed in order of application.

Here is a guide to make an installation on a Raspberry Pi 4 with fossil/venti as the root file system on a USB disk:

Raspberry Pi 4 USB installation example

Note that although I said "changes I've made" there is a lot of work from other people, e.g. the ciphers from 9front or Richard Miller's kernel.

Any content here is under the MIT license unless otherwise indicated. If you find something that is not, don't bother, it will be deleted before you notice.