Tokyo Inferno / Plan 9 Users Group (TIP9UG)

TIP9UG's Plan 9 Public Access (Available in early 2022)

Welcome to TIP9UG public Plan 9 access. We provide access to a Plan 9 system to foster a greater understanding of Plan 9 and its use.

Services Getting Started

To request an account, please send an message to 'account at' along with a desired account name.

Login from ssh

Connecting to a Plan 9 host using ssh is available.

  % ssh
  Challenge: yyyy
  Response: (Just type RET)'s password: (your password)
Login from Plan 9

Add the following line to your /lib/ndb/local file:

Next, run the following command:

cpu -h


Please use the chmod(1) command to restrict file permissions in your home directory (/usr/USERNAME).

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